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Mar 13, 2024

Greta Arrested For Palestine

Greta Thunberg was arrested this week for protesting Genocide in Palestine, outside of Swedish Parliament. 

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Feb 22, 2024

Sentences Started Early for Constitution Painter

XR Pathways and Declare Emergency supporter, Kroegeor, court name, Jackson Green, is being held until trial for his Federal case where he wrote, "Honor Them" on the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Originally, Kroegeor was out on bond, pending the result of the case. However, after the recent action, where he and Donald Zepeda poured magenta powder over the constitution, a bench warrant was issued.

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Feb 22, 2024

Rebels in The Netherlands Block Ministry of Finance

On Thursday morning 40 Rebels in The Hague, The Netherlands blocked all the entrances of the Ministry of Finance. They did this as a report came out this week in which the government set out a plan to phase out the fossil fuel subsidies which are between $42.8 to $50 billion every year. The rebels demand that the Dutch government immediately stops all fossil fuel subsidies.

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Feb 22, 2024

Youth Activists Arrested At Biden's Campaign HQ

On Monday, February 12, 21 diverse youth supporting the Sunrise Movement took over the lobby to Biden's campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. About 60 more people were gathered outside the offices to support and protest. They were demanding that Biden declare a climate emergency ahead of the 2024 election.

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Feb 15, 2024

Declare Emergency Throw Red Paint on the National Archives

The Rotunda of the National Archives in Washington DC was evacuated after two climate activists with Declare Emergency dumped red powder on themselves and the case holding the United States Constitution. 

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Feb 08, 2024

The People Take Over Atlanta Council Dais

On Monday, February 5th 2024, corrupt Atlanta City Council members Howard Shook and Andrea Boone, hijacked a bill in committee to add signature matching to the bill - a voter suppression tactic.

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Feb 08, 2024

Canada Prime Minister's Painted Pink

Wednesday morning, supporters of Last Generation Canada blocked traffic on Wellington Street, as one spray painted the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Feb 05, 2024

1000 Climate Arrests in Netherlands

Rebels in The Hague (The Netherlands) blocked the major A12 highway for the first time in 2024. The rebels in The Netherlands have protested on this highway before, numerous times with tens of thousands of people joining them.

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Jan 30, 2024

The Mona Lisa Gets A Makeover

On Sunday morning, January 28th, 2024, at the Louvre in Paris, two people threw bright orange, pumpkin soup at one of the world's most famous artworks. A video captured the moment it happened. Gasps and groans can be heard from others in the gallery.

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Jan 28, 2024

Climate Defiance Claims A Victory As Biden Pauses LNG Exports

On Friday, January 26, the Biden Administration released a statement announcing a decision to pause all new Liquefied Natural Gas exports, "with the exception of unanticipated and immediate national security emergencies," reads the statement. It continues: "During this period, we will take a hard look at the impacts of LNG exports on energy costs, America’s energy security, and our environment. This pause on new LNG approvals sees the climate crisis for what it is: the existential threat of our time."

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