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Dec 03, 2023

Oracle 151

Roger Hallam quote about Civil Resistance and Citizens Assemblies, XR DC boat disruptuion, Zeke Hausfather about an El Nino added to the climate every decade.

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Oct 26, 2023

XR DC Target Washington Gas

Today, in Washington DC, Extinction Rebellion DC shut down a construction site for Project Pipes, Washington Gas’s 4.5 billion dollar fossil fuel pipeline project. Four Rebels locked onto the construction site at approximately 10am, and remained for over two hours before being arrested. They were joined by one additional rebel who joined without locking down.

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Oct 25, 2023

Climate Activists Create Chaos at Gas Forum

October 24th, 2023, Climate activists from Climate Defiance, Extinction Rebellion, Third Act and Scientist Rebellion created chaos at the Natural Gas Forum held in DC. Activists entered the building, chanting and singing, until they were physical removed, and then managed to block the vehicle of Assistant Geoffrey Pyatt, Assistant Secretary of State.

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Sep 20, 2023

Humanity has opened The Gates to Hell Three Arrested at White House As Biden Is uninvited to Climate Week

It’s been a wild week for climate, as NYC actions heading into UN Climate Week in NYC have been nonstop. However, in the nation’s capital, DC, a new kind of protest is persisting, as again and again, folks are risking arrest at the White House.