February 22, 2024

XR Pathways Supporter Jailed Prior To Trial

XR Pathways and Declare Emergency supporter, Kroegeor, court name, Jackson Green, is being held until trial for his Federal case where he wrote, "Honor Them" on the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment"

December 16, 2023

Genocide is Extinction

Yesterday, President Biden’s own White House staff stood outside the White House, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. In Extinction Rebellion, our 6th principle and value is that we welcome everyone, and every part of everyone, all races, creeds, religions are not only welcome, but actively encouraged to participate and have a voice in our communities. This includes Jewish people and Muslims. 

September 18, 2023

Editor-In-Chief for Daily Rebellion arrested with 148 activists at the Federal Reserve

On September 18th, 100s of activists blockaded the Federal Reserve Bank, also known as 33 Liberty St, resulting in 149 arrests, including editor-in-chief for the Daily Rebellion, Will Regan. Also present were many organizations, including XR NYC, Declare Emergency supporters, Scientist Rebellion, bad-ass grandma, and more. 

September 15, 2023

Editor In Chief for Daily Rebellion Arrested at Citibank Shutdown

26 arrested including Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Rebellion. He faces three charges, including Obstructing Government processes. All others received only 2 charges.

August 26, 2023

Editor-in-Chief for the Daily Rebellion Arrested Without Warning

Will Regan, Editor-In-Chief for the Daily Rebellion, arrested without warning along with 6 other supporters of Declare Emergency. Organizers were stunned, as only a single warning was given by police ...

August 23, 2023

Editor-In-Chief for Daily Rebellion Glues on with Declare Emergency

Will Regan Glues on with Declare Emergency, blocking the 395 Freeway in downtown DC. Also arrested was Anastasia Rogers. 7 other supporters helped block the freeway, but left after the 3rd warning.

August 11, 2023

XR Pathways Releases Declaration of Rebellion

A Declaration of Rebellion has been released by XR Pathways. What this means, is that it is in support of, and works under the umbrella, of the global movement Extinction Rebellion...