September 18, 2023
Contact: Will Regan

On September 18th, 100s of activists blockaded the Federal Reserve Bank, also known as 33 Liberty St, resulting in 149 arrests, including editor-in-chief for the Daily Rebellion, Will Regan. Also present were many organizations, including XR NYC, Declare Emergency supporters, Scientist Rebellion, bad-ass grandma, and more. 

A Statement from Will Regan, "I can't just stand by while the future of the planet is being gambled away on fossil fuel projects. The Federal Reserve is now funding a genocide project murder machine, in 2023. I wasn't planning on being arrested today, but the time for being on the sidelines is over. From here on out, we must all give this everything we have. I was standing peacefully with a climate protector playing his drum, and was asked if I would leave. The officer looked like he was ready to arrest. Leaving just wasn't an option at that point because I'd be just as bad as the Federal Reserve, who have no moral justification for their funding fossil fuels. I'm very happy with my decision to stay and make a stand, and will be there on Oct 5th to tell them to drop the case, along with my 148 co-defendants. The time for climate justice is now."  

A Statement from XR NYC: “The Federal Reserve Bank is failing to ensure our financial stability during a climate and ecological crisis. Even insurance companies have pulled out of big states, to avoid paying billions for flood and wildfire damage. Federal Reserve Bank leaders have denied any responsibility for mitigating systemic climate risk and have actively supported the expansion of fossil fuel development. This system can’t protect us from the crises to come, because its very structure creates and then ignores them. The government and financial institutions are gambling away our future. Based on previous financial crises, Wall Street always been reactive. The Ecological Emergency demands a proactive stance. There’s No Money On A Dead Planet and no economy on a dead planet, either. Economic models undervalue the lives of young people and future generations. It certainly does not take into consideration the number of deaths and displacement we will witness as the crisis worsens.”

In the past few years, Will has been arrested nearly 20 times. He's also spent 45 days on house arrest, and over 50 days in jail. 




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