August 11, 2023
Contact: Will Regan

Extinction Rebellion Pathways is an Extinction Rebellion affinity group, based in the US. What this means, is that it is in support of, and works under the umbrella, of the global movement Extinction Rebellion. Pathways' function has always been to support groups already in motion, mobilize new people, and try and create exciting opportunities for political direct action and civil disobedience all over the country - but especially in DC and New York City. Because those are the centers of power. Since Pathways started, it's aided in over 20 actions, resulting in tons of publicity for the climate movement, and pressure on elites. This is not to take anything away from the groups pathways has supported. In fact, to the contrary, pathways has always played an extremely small part - at most bringing an average of one or more people to any particular event. That's why in 2023, Pathways embarked a new mission strategy. We are doubling down on our support - while also doubling down on what we are about. We're making plans to possibly execute our own actions - which will be used to publicize this Declaration of Rebellion. The Declaration of Rebellion is there to cement our goals and agendas. We support XR US demands and #A22Network Demands in the US, as well as the demands of all other Extinction Rebellion chapters. But to be truly revolutionary, we must be willing to go a step beyond this. Folks who read our declaration will no doubt see some exciting things in there - but perhaps the most important of all, is this,

"We demand a permanent and continuous transition of power away from the gluttonous few, towards these citizens assemblies."

This is the elephant in the room we have not addressed as Extinction Rebellion. How do we go beyond just making this about climate change, and truly fix our broken system. The answer is, a permanent and continuous transition of power. This is just the beginning stages, and we may see some changes yet to this Declaration. But for now, we leave you to read and ponder it. 

Is it time for rebellion? Is it time for a revolution? Then what are you waiting for. Sign our Declaration of Rebellion - Join our communities, in Extinction Rebellion and #A22Network groups in the US. Attend the trainings. Study. Become a leader. And we'll see you on the streets(or in the meetings).