December 16, 2023
Contact: Will Regan

In Extinction Rebellion, our 6th principle and value is that we welcome everyone, and every part of everyone, all races, creeds, religions are not only welcome, but actively encouraged to participate and have a voice in our communities. This includes Jewish people and Muslims. 

Yesterday, President Biden’s own White House staff stood outside the White House, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.[1]

Three Weeks ago, a temporary ceasefire was created in Gaza, just before Thanksgiving. It only lasted a few days after the holiday, and though it may not have been planned, it did prevent a lot of uncomfortable conversations[2] that could have happened around the genocide in Gaza.

At this point, most of the people in the United States support a ceasefire in Gaza[3]

During a recent vote at the UN, the US and a few other countries were the only holdouts for vetoing a UN call for a ceasefire in Gaza.[4]

It’s become increasingly clear that our US Government is going to support the policy of genocide in Gaza no matter what the rest of the world, or the American people have to say.

To that we say, “Genocide is Extinction.”

It's also clear that Genocide is a policy that will not only extend to Palestine, but beyond as well, as US imperialism continues in the extinction economy.

To that we say, “Genocide is Extinction.”

Six months ago we began a long term campaign of Peace Love and Rebellion, as a part of Extinction Rebellion Pathways Affinity Group.

This campaign was begun specifically to tune to the peace and love campaign of the 60s - and now we find ourselves embroiled in similar struggles. US imperialism and the belligerence of our state is only increasing.

As human beings we abhor genocide.

We abhor the killing of civilians.

We are repelled by the bombing of schools, mosques, and hospitals. 

We are appalled by the killing of members of the press, UN workers and medical staff.

For all those lost, we say, “Genocide is Extinction.”

Occupation and oppression are not going to be able to co-exist with creating a livable planet, where everyone can thrive. 

The weapons of war being wielded only make a livable planet, and future less likely.

They only hasten what is already an extinction economy, and the actions are making a great and huge error that misrepresents our human values.

The outrageous carnage in Gaza must end. Genocide is Extinction.

Peace and love is our message, and we believe that only through peace, love and forgiveness, can we move forward.

Acts of genocide and war undermine our hopes for a liveable future.

Atrocious acts are ensuring an unlivable hellish future.

Today we are saying no more. Genocide is Extinction. 

Today and in the future, we will be extending and supporting non-violent civil disobedience in the US against genocide, along with all our brothers and sisters locked in this struggle already.

One of our demands is for a citizens assembly and for decisions to be made by people, with a constant transition of power away from the elites.

So we are also asking for not only an emergency ceasefire, but for citizens, including jews, and muslims, to be more involved in the decision making process, by creating citizens assemblies to guide military spending decisions. 

To be clear, we need more direct democracy, and less political elites making decisions. 

It is clear that this democracy is broken, and as is being demonstrated now - well beyond broken.

The Peace Love and Rebellion campaign is ready and willing to offer its assistance to put an end to it all. 



XR Pathways, 

Peace, Love and Rebellion Working Group. 







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