September 15, 2023
Contact: Will Regan


On the morning of September 14th, Will Regan, Editor-in-Chief for the Daily Rebellion, participated in a march and shutdown of Citibank that ended with his arrest, along with 25 other movement activists. 100s of climate activists descended on Citi-bank Thursday morning, shutting down all entrances - forming a blockade that left 1000s of Citibankers to wait, and not able to attend to work. The coalition included NY Communities for Change, Extinction Rebellion, Stop the Money Pipeline, Climate Defiance and many more.

Photo Credit Democracy Now, Image Credit: Ken Schles

Will Regan, editor-in-chief was also there, and faces three charges, including Obstructing Government processes. Everyone only received 2 charges, but Will's case is different, as he's been charged with Obstructing Government Processes - a type of resisting arrest charge. 


This escalation is possibly as an intimidation tactic against Journalists, XR or Will in particular - it's not clear.

Recently, Shayok, another XR Activist faced intimidation in the form of placing him in a psych ward.

The Citibank action itself is being heralded as a major success, and is being covered on a number of news outlets, including local stations.
Citibank is a the biggest funder of Exxon Mobil, the biggest fossil fuel polluter on the planet, and one of the corporations behind the most insidious think tanks - dedicated to deceiving the public and controlling government processes around oil. Citibank has dealt in these murder engines for far too long, as we’ve known the dangers of fossil fuels for a long time, now.

Will said, "I feel no remorse over the 1000s of people stopped from entering the Citibank today. There's no moral justification for taking murder money like this. Genocide money. The climate catastrophe has grown beyond anything we can imagine at this point, so we need all hands on deck. So many of those lined up today were eager to get to work and collect their 100k-500k or more salaries. To those people, I say stop. Please, just stop. It's not worth it. Exxon knew what they were doing, and Citibank as their biggest funder, along with giving 330 billion a since the paris agreement in money to fossil fuel industry in total, is a criminal organization. I'll pay for these so called crimes today, but these criminals who work at Citibank should by rights be next. These white collar crimes are far more menacing." 

Other climate protests continue through September 18th and beyond, with actions planned at an art museum September 15th.  



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