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Oct 28, 2023

1400 people Occupy Berlin for Overnight Action

This afternoon, in Berlin, October 28th, 2023, A swarm of Letzte Generation orange vests, various climate banners and even Extinction Rebellion flags joined from green of the a nearby park and moved towards the street known as “June 17th.”

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Oct 27, 2023

Letzte Generation Drape Victory Column

On the morning of October 27th, Germany - In the middle of the Great Star in the center of Berlin, supporters of the Last Generation hung a massive banner from the Victory Column.

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Oct 10, 2023

Non-Violent Civil Resistance Wins Big

For all the doubt cast on non-violent mass mobilization movements like Extinction Rebellion over the past years, nobody can deny the results. After 9000 arrests on the A12, XR Netherlands is on the cusp of achieving what many people still believe to be impossible.

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Oct 07, 2023

Civil Resistance Works - Protests Suspended XR Netherlands calls off daily protest after 27 days as House moves to vote on their demands

XR Netherlands has succeeded: a motion to end fossil fuel subsidies in the Netherlands has entered their House of Representatives. This is following a massively popular demand, with 70% approval in the Netherlands, that has not been addressed by politicians until now.

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Oct 03, 2023

xr Rotterdam Throw fake blood on Port Authority A12 Blockade continues with glue on added to the rotation

On Tuesday, October 2nd, Extinction Rebellion members in Netherlands moved to accent their movement with yet more radical tactics - throwing fake blood on the Port Authority.

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Oct 02, 2023

Letzte Generation joins XR's Saturday A12 Highway Blockade

What happens when a massively popular civil disobedience group, with 90% name recognition in Germany, joins a blockade in the Netherlands that has already amounted 7000+ arrests and has been going on for 20+ days straight?

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Oct 01, 2023

Queer riot And Counter Protesters on the A12

Sunday’s A12 Blockade in the Netherlands saw 1000s of rebels again on the 23rd day, kicking off with a non-binary twist. The theme today is “Queer Riot” - which may or may not be a band, but is defiantly a huge theme today

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Sep 30, 2023

Dies Irae Can Not Be Stopped

It’s Day 22 of the A12 Blockades, and the protest has seemed to have now taken on a real life of its own. As the police have been forced to retreat their tactics lately, the orchestra retakes the roads with their instruments. On a previous Saturday, they were forced to perform without their instruments.

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Sep 25, 2023

Extinction Rebellion challenges Dutch State Water Cannons are Being Deployed as Corporal Punishment

On day 17 of the protests to end fossil fuel subsidies in the Netherlands, Extinction Rebellion is now fighting for climate justice on two fronts. Besides the continuing mass arrest on the A12, amounting to over 6800 arrests for the past 17 days, Extinction Rebellion has filed a letter of complaint with the court over the excessive violence being perpetrated by police over the past two weeks.

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Sep 23, 2023

500+ Arrested on Day 15 of the A12 Blockade The Water Cannons Are turned up and causing injuries

It is day 15 of the Netherlands Extinction Rebellion protest to End Fossil Fuel subsidies. Friday saw 213 arrests, and today, 500 more, putting the total past 6000 for this 15 day stretch.