Daily Rebellion/Blog Post Media Policy


The Pathways Daily Rebellion (DR) and DR blog posts report about non-violent civil resistance (NVCR). At Pathways to Action, we understand that there are many different forms of responses to climate annihilation. However, we report only about NVCR.

Blog Post/Story Format.

All DR stories and blog posts should follow the same format:

  • Headline – tells what the story is about.
  • Lead – explains the most important facts: who, what, when, where, and why (5 W's)
  • Body – contains more information and details.
  • Ending – gives the reader something to think about.

Keep The Story Interesting.

  • Prominence

    Consider reporting on a renowned place, person, or activity will catch more eyes than someone/something unknown to people.

  • Timeliness

    The time of the news is very important, as the importance of the news is inversely proportional to the timeliness. Current events have more impact than those of last week, or even yesterday.

  • Oddity

    Dramatic and/or strange news can be more impactful. The element of surprise can make readers glued to your news.

  • Consequences

    People want to read stories that directly or indirectly affects them.

  • Human Interest

    Try to have your story draw an emotional attention or reaction. Emotions are a powerful means to connect with the readers.

  • Conflict

    Conflict can be one of the engaging elements news can provide. It’s human nature to choose sides and many readers of the DR are anxious to hear about climate related conflicts.

The Journalist’s Pyramid


And remember, if you have questions about the best way to report a specific story, do not hesitate to contact the Editor in Chief. Publishing for Pathways is a team effort, and everyone who participates is important.


You don't have to be a staff writer to submit an article - we have a public article submission where anyone can post an article.
Here's the process

  • Sign into the website - you must have an account to have an article posted (assuming you didn't email it to us)
  • Post your entire article, with a link to the pictures at the bottom. embedding images in the article is not possible for public users, but we are working on this
  • Make sure the link to the images, which should be google drive or a similar service, has the following images
    • 2 Exciting Photos to be included in the article
    • 1 Square, 500x500 or above 'Meta' image that will show up in some searches, thumbnails, etc. If it is bigger than 1000x1000 it will probably be sized down
    • 1 rectangle 1200x630 image 'Twitter' image that will show up in twitter links, etc, and perhaps some other search engines
  • You can submit however many images you like, but any image over 1500px width will be sized down.
  • Hit submit - Your article should show up immediately

Once your article is submitted, it will be on the website, but not in the featured section. It will be checked by staff. It will either be promoted, left alone, or accepted(not featured).

If your article is rejected, you will recieve an email letting you know why, and how it can be improved.

If your article is featured, it will get promoted on all social media, put in the Daily Rebellion thumbnail, and be searchable on the site as long as the site remains online, barring technical problems. It may show up in the Daily Rebellion, The Oracle or both.

Accepted - Not Featured
If your article is accepted, but not featured, it will remain on site and searchable at our discretion. We do not yet have a user article section yet, or anything, so it's hard to promise any kind of promotion except a permanent link. Of course, we'll embed the images and format it, but your best bet is to get featured.