Money Rebellion Disrupts Golf Deploying flares at Women’s AIG Tournament

Money Rebellion, an affinity group of Extinction Rebellion, made waves previously when they came out with a lot of highly controversial money related protests. Then recently in Amsterdam, they’ve been executing a Hot ING Summer Tour of actions where they’ve locked down at banks.

Jane Clarke, of Money Rebellion, said this, “AIG is insuring climate breakdown by enabling deadly fossil fuel projects to pump out more and more greenhouse gasses. AIG knows the science and is happy to protect its profits by cutting off insurance for homeowners facing foods and fires, caused by climate change. The executives making these decisions are climate criminals. Instead of sponsoring golf events to clean their image, they must stop insuring all new fossil fuel projects now.”


In Solidarity, Will Regan



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“What are our responsibilities at this time? Because of the fossil fuel industry, we are facing horrors of a magnitude never before experienced in our existence. Our government continues to lead us to the edge of no return. We must stand up and defend ourselves. No one else is going to do it. It must be us, if we want to live.
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Will Regan


Will Regan has been a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion in the US and Declare Emergency. He's editor in chief for the Daily Rebellion and has been arrested 4 times since taking that role.