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Sep 02, 2023

Money Rebellion continues Campaign Against Total Energies and Insurance Companies Backing #EACOP

Money Rebellion demonstrated throughout London, visiting 9 insurance companies, demanding they rule out insuring the East African Oil Pipeline.

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Aug 14, 2023

Money Rebellion Disrupts Golf Deploying flares at Women’s AIG Tournament

Many news outlets have already reported this as a Just Stop Oil action, but JSO has not taken credit. Money Rebellion immediately took credit with this via Twitter, “We just disrupted the AIG Women's Open. AIG Insurance is one of the biggest insurers of oil & gas & have refused to stop funding the East African Crude Oil Pipeline. Insurers need to Insure Our Future not Climate Breakdown”

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Aug 09, 2023

XR Netherlands Locks down for A Hot ING Summer Tour

After 6 hours, Police were able to disperse 10 Extinction Rebellion members in Stad, the Netherlands. The group had locked down at the ING bank, with demands to cut ties with fossil fuels. Six had made a ring using concrete tubing and lockdown devices that could not be removed easily. Finally, the police began to use tools to break down their devices. The police chose not to arrest them, as the threat was reduced once the devices were removed.