Amsterdam Blocking Banks Germany Blocking Roads

Unfortunately, some of the arrestees were hurt. This is absolutely unacceptable. Non-violent protesters should never be harmed in this way.. Looking at the pictures - it would appear some pain of compliance was applied by the police to coerce a release of the lockdown device. This is often used when the police are trying to speed things up - but it’s really unfair when you consider how serious the crisis we are in is. These activists merely want for the governments to do their job.

The “Hot ING Summer Tour.” Was conceptualized by Money Rebellion, part of Extinction Rebellion, and has organized this series of protests. They are targeting the Dutch bank, ING, for pouring billions into the fossil fuel industry every year. Every Saturday until September 21, Extinction Rebellion holds actions at one or more ING branches.

According to XR, hundreds of activists have joined the ”Hot ING Summer Tour” so far. This is the second one we have covered in the Daily Rebellion, but there have been a number of them already.

Letzte Generation Blocking Roads To Raise the Climate Alarm and Demand Action

Letzte Generation continue taking to the streets today, creating more roadblocks and keeping the climate catastrophe in the spotlight, translated from german, “We are conducting protests in several cities today. We keep taking to the streets. How could we not if our world and with it everything we value and connect us is threatened with destruction? How could we continue to lead a normal everyday life when everything around us is crumbling and our federal government allows and fuels this catastrophe with its course? The time to act is NOW! We can't wait any longer! Let's come together now and demand what we are entitled to according to Article 20a of the Basic Law: a livable and fair future for all people in the world and the coming generations…”


In Solidarity, Will Regan



Join up with Declare Emergency and make Headlines in DC

Join DE This Sunday for a talk about how you can join this exciting group - and start making headlines of your own! Or at least help others do the same.
“What are our responsibilities at this time? Because of the fossil fuel industry, we are facing horrors of a magnitude never before experienced in our existence. Our government continues to lead us to the edge of no return. We must stand up and defend ourselves. No one else is going to do it. It must be us, if we want to live.
Our methods must be disruptive, and they must be nonviolent. Our actions are evidence-based, credible, and we have a plan. The only thing missing at this point in time is YOU!”
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Will Regan


Will Regan has been a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion in the US and Declare Emergency. He's editor in chief for the Daily Rebellion and has been arrested 4 times since taking that role.