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Sep 14, 2023

XR NYC Blocks Helipad, New York Climate Actions Amount a Dozen Arrests Wednesday

“We demand that Blackrock get out of the business of the fossil fuel and other forms ofl extractivism and colonialism, including debt colonialism. I’m Very concerned about climate change. Terrified of what our future holds if our government and corporate leaders continue to stick their heads in the sand.” the mother of one continued,

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Aug 13, 2023

Amsterdam Blocking Banks Germany Blocking Roads

The Hot ING Summer Tour in Amsterdam struck again this week, when six activists were arrested at an ING Bank. Unfortunately, some of the arrestees were hurt. This is absolutely unacceptable. Non-violent protesters should never be harmed in this way.. Looking at the pictures - it would appear some pain of compliance was applied by the police to coerce a release of the lockdown device. This is often used when the police are trying to speed things up - but it’s really unfair when you consider how serious the crisis we are in is. These activists merely want for the governments to do their job.