This is Rigged Spray Scottish Parliament Red

The coordinated disobedience of This Is Rigged got the attention of local presses, who were nice enough to give an interview to activist Cat Scothorne, “It’s the second time we’ve done that actually, because we first did it after they banned us from FMQ’s (First Minister’s Questions) and we said will lead to us shutting down the Oil Industry in Scotland. And we didn’t get a reply. And today we thought well you know, yesterday all the heat is on Westminster Rishi Sunak approving 100 new oil and gas licenses - but it’s coming out of Scotland’s North Sea and the Scottish government’s silence has been deafening. There’s been a few MPs who are against new oil.

But there’s not been an announcement by the government unequivocally opposing all new oil and gas licenses. There’s been a draft energy transition transition plan and they said there might be a presumption against new oil.  All this is just airy fairy things which aren’t coming into a solid stance which is exactly what we need to happen right now. Because there is no ambiguity about new oil. It has to be a no. So their inability to stand up to Westminster is just morally unjustifiable and it’s failing everyone in Scotland right now. “

MyCelia Barbie, #EcoWarriorBarbie Hoax Fools Multiple Media Outlets

The hoax that fooled multiple media outlets, and even received the attention of the New York Times.

Part of the press release included this set of 5 #EcoWarriors from left to right, The Rainforest Revolutionary, Nemonte Nenquimo. Activist Actor, Daryl Hannah. Redwood Rebel!, Julia Butterfly Hill. Guerrilla Gluer, Phoebe Plummer. Climate Crusader, Greta Thunberg.

It took a lot of people by surprise today on Twitter. Press packet included in depth announcement videos, tons of media, and a press conference - visited by Pussy Riot.



Some of the You-Tube highlights should not be missed. Visit for a plethora of additional content.


In Solidarity, Paul Severance



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