Scotland’S Fuel Supply Shut Down by a Washing Machine

This is a follow up to this week’s earlier actions, where TIR blocked terminals in Clydebank and Grangemouth, Wednesday and Thursday.
Four were arrested and charged with public order and breach of the peace.

This Is Rigged Locks down on Washinging Machine at Grangemouth, Scotland
This action, which took place early Saturday morning, July 22nd, halted petrol distribution from the oil terminal. There action held the streets for a number of hours, before they were removed by police.
Hannah Bright, 21, a community worker and This Is Rigged co-founder said: “I’m just locked on the main access terminal for Grangemouth. The 4 of us have blocked about 70% of Scotland's fuel supply. We’re obviously doing this because we know the continued licensing of new fossil fuels is a death sentence for future generations. For our generations. For billions of people globally - who are paying the price for the greed of companies like INEOS. For the greed of billionaires like Jim Ratcliffe. And we will not stand for this. We demand the Scottish Government vocally oppose all new oil and gas licenses. And create a clear and fully funded transition plan for our oil workers.”

At press time, This Is Rigged have begun monumental stunt, climbing the Kelpies in Scotland and hanging a banner.

Above, This is Rigged scales iconic 100ft statue, The Kelpies, near Grangemouth

TIR have now incurred more than 30 arrests this week.

In Solidarity, Paul Severance



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