Climate Defiance strikes again - Disrupting in Detroit

Climate Defiance disrupted U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s appearance in a Detroit suburb to discuss climate change. A group of protesters tried to disrupt U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s appearance in a Detroit suburb to discuss climate change.

Granholm, a former Michigan governor, appeared at a climate change discussion hosted by the Detroit Free Press on Monday at a hotel in Birmingham. Members of the Climate Defiance group tried to make their way into the event, with several members checking into the hotel using fake names, the newspaper reported.

Some protesters were seen banging on doors before security removed them and later about 20 protesters pounded on the window of the room where the discussion was being held. They played sirens and chanted “No MVP, no LNG, Granhom you are killing me.”

Climate Defiance has called for President Joe Biden’s administration to shift the country away from fossil fuels and halt work on pipelines such as the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline running between Virginia and West Virginia, and the Alaska LNG, a natural gas pipeline project in that state.

Granholm said she sympathizes with the protesters and understands they want change.


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