XR DC Target Washington Gas

   Four Rebels locked onto the construction site at approximately 10am, and remained for over two hours before being arrested. They were joined by one additional rebel who joined without locking down.

photo by Will Dickson
   Close by a group of a dozen more rebels stood and chanted, and gave speeches, in opposition to the deadly Project Pipes.

photos by Will Dickson

Spokesperson for XR DC, Claire, said, “Washington Gas will tell you that we are endangering people’s lives by delaying their project. But this greedy corporation is motivated by profit, not the well-being of people. Washington Gas is the one pumping explosive gas into our communities, polluting our homes and endangering our lives. As long as Washington Gas forces methane through the city, residents will be in danger, especially low-income communities and communities of color. The DC Council must take a stand to secure a safe, livable future for all. It's time we end methane and electrify DC.”

Photos by Will Dickson

photos by Will Dickson

   At press time they were being held to see the judge for a possible release tomorrow.
   To join XR DC, go to XRDC.org for more information about this action visit their press release. 

Update 5pm, 10-26: Two of the five staying overnight are John Mark Rosendall and Andy Hinz (who previously spent 20 days in jail earlier this year). This would be a roach infested, DC jail, that has no bed matts and few to no eating options for vegetarians or vegans. 

Update 5:15pm, 10-26: An article from National Academy of Science Report calls for banning of natural gas <-- Gifted(Free) Washington Post Article

Update 5:20pm, 10-26: XR DC have demanded that the city council stop #ProjectPipes - and stay consistent with National Academy of Science

Update 5:30pm, 10-26: XR DC Ask people to also support this campaign by signing this petition to say no to project pipes

In Solidarity, Paul Severance



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