Queer riot And Counter Protesters on the A12

   A lot of rebels brought pride flags, and banners to represent the queer community, who are particularly vulnerable to climate change.
After 23 days, this certainly isn’t the first time non-binary folk have been participating, but this is the first time queer culture is being centered. However, the fun was short lived, as the extended occupation was ended early due to complications.
   Today, counter protesters from the far right showed up on the A12, a first. They threw eggs at the police, as the police created a line that prevented the fascists from confronting the A12 rebels.

   An anti-fascist news source (Doorbraak Eu) reports on Twitter that the organizers gave too much trust to the police, as the police took advantage of confusion by unleashing the fascists on a small group of protesters.
   XR Netherlands has also been joined by a German group that is very famous over the last few days, but this is being covered by another writer no spoilers here. Stay tuned - lots of things are happening at once!
   So far, it seems about 8000 people have been arrested on the A12 in the last 23 days. The demand, to end 43-49 Billion Dollars in fossil fuel subsidies has been met with silence by the establishment. XR Netherlands maintains this blockade every day, starting at noon, with no end in sight

In Solidarity, Will Regan



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Will Regan


Will Regan has been a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion in the US and Declare Emergency. He's editor in chief for the Daily Rebellion and has been arrested 4 times since taking that role.