Oracle Issue 118 - October Furnace, Eliot Jacobson, JSO Norway

October Furnace

   We asked two prominent online scientists what they thought of October weather so far in relation to the 1.5C Paris barrier, here’s what they said,
”October will be over 1.5C, but it will not nearly reach the peak anomaly that September hit, near 1.8C.” - Eliot Jacobson, @EliotJacobson on Twitter
In a separate tweet, Eliot then tweeted a Paris Limit Watch, to show how we are doing in relation to those goals. (pictured left)

Leon quoted the above image from Zeke Hausfather, and said, "Likely a record high anomaly for any month, except for September" Leon Simons, @LeonSimons8 on Twitter

   From the image, it's clear September is the big story for the year so far, but the story became much more clear when Eliot Jacobson tweeted a running tally for the 1.5C total. 

   This table suggests we have had only three months below the 1.5C Paris threshold. 

Terrorized by Idiocy

   You cannot do good governance on a planet in such critical condition, without understanding the physical reality you have to deal with. I feel like politics and the media are terrorizing the people through ignorance.

Clare Farrel,
Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion
via @ClareTotty on Twitter

   Paint the Ministry

   The Norway division of Just Stop Oil has sprayed their Ministry of Finance to protest lack of action on climate.
   Translated from their Twitter, “ an attempt to wake up the unrealistic politicians. The state budget for 2024 is overflowing with oil, Vedum calls it security for everyone. How does this fit together in a world on the brink of climate collapse?“

Hellscape for Children

   "Children at ‘existential risk’ from Climate Crisis, UK’s top,” pediatrician says.
   Roger Hallam, via Twitter, Let's be totally clear: the reason children are at "existential risk" (translation: will die agonizing deaths from a hellscape of rape, slaughter and starvation - what do you think "existential" actually means?) is because pediatricians and the rest of the liberal professional classes are being so fucking cowardly they wont go into civil resistance to save them. That's the raw truth of the matter, isn't it?

Roger Hallam
Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion
via @RogerHallamCS21 on Twitter


In Solidarity, Rebel Oracle



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