Oracle 132

graph via Eliot Jacobson

We’re Breaching All Barriers

This takes some looking at. The horizontal line isn't zero. It's warming of +1.5°C. Zero is south of the chart. Now imagine what next year will look like. It will breach +2°C several times. The can can't be kicked down the road. It's now *this* generation's problem.

Thomas Neurburger on Twitter

   You rebel not only for what you can achieve, but for who you become. In the end, those who rebel require faith — not a formal or necessarily Christian, Jewish or Muslim orthodoxy, but a faith that the good draws to it the good. That we are called to carry out the good insofar as we can determine what the good is; and then we let it go. The Buddhists call it karma, but faith is the belief that it goes somewhere. By standing up, you keep alive another narrative. It’s one of the ironic points of life. That, for me, is what provides hope; and if you are not there, there is no hope at all.

Chris Lynn Hedges
Exerpt: “We are in a revolutionary moment"
src:, June 2015

AI Generated Meme - Gaia Marking off 6th Mass Extinction

In Solidarity, Rebel Oracle



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