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6 Billion People to Die - Told You So

   “A distinguished int'l team of scientists .. issued starkest warning yet that the climate crisis could threaten the lives of up to 6 BILLION people this century." - Forbes
Well, there we have it. Forbes, that bunch of rabid irrationalists, confirm what I said on BBC Hard Talk 4 yrs ago and was told by BBC "More or Less" guys that I "was making it up."
I wonder what the scientific views will be in another 4 years time!

Roger Hallam
Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion
via @RogerHallamCS21 on Twitter

13.5 Hiroshimas Per Second

The August 2023 CERES data just came in and the 36 month running mean for the Earth Energy Imbalance (EEI) just hit a new record high, at 1.66 Watts/m². That's the same as about 13.5 Hiroshima bombs per second in excess Earth heating over the last 3 years. F&%k.

Prof. Eliot Jacobson, @EliotJacobson on Twitter

Spend a Day With the Ancestors

So, if I sent you an invitation to travel back in time with me to spend a day with the ancestors — would you accept it?


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Join the Summer of Heat in NYC

The clock is ticking. That’s why The Summer of Heat, is taking joyful, relentless nonviolent direct action to end fossil fuel financing. Wall Street is bankrolling the coal, oil and gas companies that are polluting our communities and killing our planet. The Summer of Heat is set on stopping them. The Summer of Heat is going hard all summer long. Week after week. Month after month. The Summer of Heat is taking the party to the streets and won't stop.