Oracle 119 - Hurricane Otis, Roger Hallam, Matthew Todd

Maintain self respect

Is it time for climatologists to apologize to activists? Last night I gave a speech on the climate and all the time I was giving it I was aware I could be put back in one of the worst prisons in Europe for months on end for speaking out. With all due respect, I and other people resisting this genocide do not need apologies, we need scientists to start being citizens and human beings. A line in the sand has been crossed by governments, as you well know. It is time for you to resist to the point of being imprisoned - not just because it is the most effective thing to do but because it is the only way you are going to maintain your self respect. (Look on the bright side - plenty of time to read books!)

Roger Hallam
Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion
via @RogerHallamCS21 on Twitter

Dinosaurs Shut Down Golf

Greenpeace Italy, activists dressed as dinosaurs crushed a OMC delegates’ golf match in Cervia, Italy, to urge them to stop playing with our lives!

Greenpeace PressDesk, via @greenpeacepress on Twitter

We Are Afraid

A distinguished international team of scientists on Tuesday issued the starkest warning yet that human activity is pushing Earth into a climate crisis that could threaten the lives of up to 6 billion people this century, stating candidly: “We are afraid of the uncharted territory that we have now entered.”

Matthew Todd
via @MrMatthewTodd on Twitter

Big Oil Frankestiens

On news that Chevron bought Hess, 350 co-founder and director of fossil free media, Jamie Henn said, “These Big Oil Frankensteins are a direct threat to our climate, democracy and economy. The industry is consolidating power to drill as much as possible & stop all climate progress. We need the FTC - and Linda Khan, Chair of FTC, to intervene.”

Jamie Henn
via @jamieclimate on Twitter

Uncharted Territory

Just to emphasize how poorly hurricane & global models performed for Hurricane Otis... here's the intensity forecasts initialized 24 hours ago, with the dotted black line showing verification:

Otis Going Loco in Acapulco

"Hurricane Otis is now a major, Category 3 Hurricane and is forecast to become an extremely dangerous Category 4 before making landfall in southern Mexico. The storm is the strongest to target the Acapulco area in decades. Wort case scenario event."

Nahel Belgherze, via @WxNB_ on Twitter

"Storms in abundance as Nature continues to destabilize. Hurricane Otis Going loco down in Acapulco"

Exploring Nature, via @yesknow on Twitter

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