Last Generation Austria interrupts Night-Race in Schladming

   Schladming, 24 January 2024, 6 PM. People of the Last Generation Austria interrupted the Nightrace in Schladming today. It was a familiar sight from Gurgl and Bischofshofen: banners with the words, "Listen to the Climate Council," and orange paint in the finish area. Three people entered the finish area, distributed colored powder and sat peacefully in the snow. Security staff forcefully removed them from the venue. Chancellor Nehammer himself, whose policies were a target of the protest, was in attendance.

   One of the protesters, Jakob Scheib, said, "My protest is aimed directly at the government, not the ski racers. I have a deep connection and appreciation for this sport and am only interrupting the event because we – as a society – are in an emergency situation. Unfortunately, I don't see any other option - there is nothing more urgent at the moment than drawing attention to the climate catastrophe,"
   Twenty two year old spokesperson for Letzte Generation, Irina Wieser, said "If this continues, ski races will soon be a thing of the past and that will be the least of our problems. The catastrophic summer of 2023 has shown us the consequences of a disrupted balance. Wildfires, floods, and droughts destroyed lives, ecosystems, and agriculture. The climate crisis threatens to escalate into a global catastrophe. It's not too late to act, but the window of opportunity is closing. Listen to science.”

   Spokeswoman Anna Freund, said "It is the government's responsibility to protect our livelihoods and winter sports in the long term. The recommendations of the Climate Council are extremely effective in this context and should be implemented immediately."
   Letzte Generation Austria are part of the A22 Network for Civil Resistance.

In Solidarity, Will Regan

"If people knew how bad it will soon get, they might get their shit together faster."  @LeonSimons8

"It is great scientists are finally stepping up with plain talking & showing some emotion - at the same time they have to provide concrete pathways to revolutionary action and a redemptive vision that comes out of the darkness. That humans can act for the good because it is good. Government by the people (assemblies) can replace psychotic elites. Slash emissions, engage in geo engineering, with a compassionate plan for mass migration. Fuse mass civil disobedience and national assemblies to overcome the carbon regimes. I will be focusing on this "coming together" over the coming months (and years!)."

Roger Hallam, via @RogerHallamCS21 on Twitter

Current projections indicate that within the next 30 years, Vietnam will face the risk of annual flooding in 90% of its territory. This situation raises concerns about the future of millions of people living in the Mekong River Delta. Where will they go? A 1-meter sea-level rise would inundate most of South Vietnam. During high tide, the Mekong River Delta would be completely submerged, threatening the world's largest freshwater fish catchment and 15 million people's livelihoods.

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Will Regan has been a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion in the US and Declare Emergency. He's editor in chief for the Daily Rebellion and has been arrested 4 times since taking that role.