Barricade: The Ski World Cup is Downhill

Austria, October 29, 2023, Letzte Generation Austria supporters shut down the main access to the slopes in a peaceful protest, on the second day of the Ski World Cup. They are outraged that their government are still ignoring the recommendations from the Citizens' Climate Council. They Point out that even simple and logical recommendations, such as a ban on advertising for products that are particularly harmful to the climate and therefore harmful to the future have been ignored.

   Spokeswoman Laila Fuisz, 22, said, “If our governments continue to refuse to work on the climate crisis, there will soon be no more Ski World Cups in the Alps. Instead, forest fires, rockslides and the evacuation of entire villages await us – I don’t want a future like that!”

   Alexandra, piano teacher, 59, locked down in the road, said, “I would like to apologize to all the runners and spectators who are upset by this protest - but our future is melting away before our eyes! I see it as my duty to warn everyone around me about the climate catastrophe so that no one can turn a blind eye. If our government doesn't finally get its head out of the sand and act, we won't be able to celebrate ski world cups or go on ski holidays in the future. The solutions are on the table: Listen to the Climate Council!”

   Helmut, chemistry teacher, 55, locked down in the road, said, “As long as the government ignores the climate council it has commissioned and does not implement even the simplest protective measures, there is much more at stake than just skiing. Mr. Chancellor, are you finally implementing the citizens’ recommendations – or was the Climate Council just a joke?”
   After the hottest September and October since records began, the slope in Sölden could only be made suitable for the World Cup with huge amounts of stored snow and artificial snow. For Mikaela Shiffrin, Sölden winner in 2021 and sixth place yesterday, the question of meaningfulness also arises, “To what extent should we adapt our environment to a schedule that we want? Or should we adapt our schedules to the environment? Is now the time for a ski race in Austria? Does it make sense? Probably not."
   Letzte Generation is part of the A22 Network for civil resistance, a global network of activists in 10 countries in mad dash to save humanity.
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Will Regan has been a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion in the US and Declare Emergency. He's editor in chief for the Daily Rebellion and has been arrested 4 times since taking that role.