Lezte Generaton to blockade street with the A22 networlk


Michael Salzgeber posted on Twitter on his way to the Hague, " For the last 3 weeks, thousands on people have been joining the peaceful protest there, demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies."He then sent out a message to the movements demonstrating there, " This weekend @AufstandLastGen is joining them! See you soon @NLRebellion!"


Michael Salzgeber then retweeted pictures from a fellow protester named Carla Rochel of the thousands of people out on the streets of the Hague.



It seems they have many actions planned on Saturday including brunch at a Pentecost church and a march that will begin at the Neptune fountain(Alexanderplatz). Some protesters have replied to the actions' post, with chants already made for the demonstration!




Letzte Generations protesters are even stopping drivers on their blockades wanting to buy the vehicles from the drivers for 6000 euros to start a Climate Chaoten! The cars wiill be used for food transport and removal. They have used this tactic before with rental cars, but weren't feeling it anymore it because it started feeling too cumbersome!



The Letzte Generation folks are now in miniature figurine form to annoy the drivers in the model building landscape. The company making these miniature climate gluers is Busch, for 27.25 euros, only thing missing is the angry drivers!




There is also censoring of mention of Letzete Generaton on Sat 1.'s German television awards. Philliph Froissant aged 29 and actor for the NetFlix series "Sisi", commented on stage on the protest for Letzte Generation and his support for the action at Brandenburg gate in Berlin. The world-famous landmark was smeared with orange paint and 14 actvists were arrested and investigated for property damage.  Philiph Froissant said at the television awards, " that the color should remain on the pillars, as reminder of our failure in climate protection." He further said, " if you look back on today in 100 years, you will find that we had much bigger problems than the color at the Brandenburge gate."





Phillip was about to thank everyone on stage but only the spectators in hall got it, not the millions on the screen. On Thursday evening, SAT 1. showed the award show at 8:15p.m. but in fact, the Gala in the MMC Studios in Cologne started at 6:45 p.m. A delayed broadcast of a large show is not uncommon, it usually happens fo TV stations to react more quickly to breakdowns and disruptions.  The time difference is usually a few minutes, this time it eas greater: about an hour and half! And apparently it was used to erase Philip Froissant's statement about the climate stickers from Letzte Generation. SAT 1 was questioned about why Froissant's statement fell victim to cut, but they did not answer. The actor has not responded either.




There was also a story about kids at 420 Daycare centers going without lunch because the Letzte Generation bloackades. The lunch was cooked(not vegan) and then stored for 3 hours. The catering service must of heard of the Letzte Generatons blockades for the last 3 weeks, they could of offered the daycare centers some kind of early delivery but instead they gave the cold potatoes and fish fillet to the their employees in the neighborhood free of charge. Having to throw away 400 portions of the lunch out.





In Solidarity, Dash Dash



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