Letzte Generation Blockade A100 in another Hague A22 network style street blockade

After the A12 blockade at the Hague with Exinction Rebellion, Letzte Generation blocked the A100 in Berlin, Germany. to emphasize their demands for the mandatory exit of fossil energies. Letzte Generation wasn't bothered by rush hour traffic on the A100 and A113 highways, they interrupted the traffic by gluing themselves down on the street and blocking it by sitting down. They blocked several motorway exits, like the A100 exit to the city of Britzer Damm and the A113 exit to the Anna-Nemoits Brüke. All these blockades at these exits were for Germany's klimaziele or Climate targets/objectives, minus 20% bis 2030 gives a perfect example of one of the things groups like Letzte Generation and Extinction Rebellion are demanding and what groups like Scientist4future have accomplished. 



Letzte Generation supporters demonstrated early in the morning, like they always do with every demonstration. Their peaceful protest gave a lot of stress on oil, emptying oil canisters filled with black viscous paint, which was then spread out like a large oil carpet in front of where these them while sitting. A female Letzete Generation protester who had her hands already glued on the asphalt, complety covered her hands in this oil, including her clothes and orange vest. The protesters next to her held up signs and banners that read: "Fossil-free 2030" and "Weg from fossil-towards just".

A spokeswoman for Letzte Generation named Marion Faber explained, " We have to get out of oil, gas and coal, worldwide and as quickly as possible. Governments can no longer get away from delaying the necessary exit and investing money in an industry that kills us. It is time to peacefully oppose the current deadly course." 

   The small damage from the paste and black coal powder that was used at this action can wash away but the dirt and damage caused by petroleum does not! Societies and Democracies are already experiencing the consequences of the current political climate action failure that's costing human lives!

   The most up to date IPCC report states, "Developments in this decade are critical to the extent of damage caused by the clImate crisis now and in the coming millennia." Political climate proposals have been made by groups like the ScientistforFuture and goverment officials like Germany's Green Politician Minister Robert Habeck have put forth a new climate protecting heating law. Climate and earth system researcher Wolfgang Lucht from Scientist4Future said. " Between the disasters that are now taking place and the much dramatic consequences of climate heating, the only thing we can do is to limit the permitted greenhouse gas emissions. A maximum quota for Germany, which is internationally fair and limits global warming to 1.5 degrees, was decided by all nations in the Paris Climate Agreement and can serve as a benchmark. It is based on the scientific analyzes of the IPCC IP." 





Another Letzte Generation spokeswoman named Lea-Maria Rhein explained, " We have to get out of fossil fuels as soon as possible, but by 2030 at the latest.  We need a political and social turning point to even begin to contain the disasters ahead. Now politics can still take countermeasures, but the time window for this closes rapidly." There were several Letzete Generation protesters like Lea Bonsera, staging sit-ins before & after the Hague A12 blockade nonviolently expressing to hear their demands met from people like Olaf Scholz and organizations like the Extremwetterkongress







In Solidarity, Dash Dash



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