1000 Climate Arrests in Netherlands

   Rebels in The Hague (The Netherlands) blocked the major A12 highway for the first time in 2024. The rebels in The Netherlands have protested on this highway before, numerous times with tens of thousands of people joining them. They blocked the highway to demand an end to all fossil fuel subsidies, the subsidies mostly consist of tax breaks for big polluting companies. The fossil fuel subsidies are around $42.8 to $50 billion every year, while only $12,7 billion is set apart to fight the climate crisis in 2024.
   The action started at 12pm as they walked towards the highway in four different marches all starting at a different point in the city. The first people walked onto the mostly empty highway around 1pm with police cordons trying to stop them. But the police couldn’t stop the thousands of activists from stepping foot on the highway. Besides the people who blocked the road there were also people supporting them from the sidelines on a field next to the beginning of the highway.

   The activists shouted slogans like “Jetten, shame, blood on your hands!” directed at the Rob Jetten, the Minister of Climate.
   But also the usual slogans like,
   “What do we want?”
   “Climate justice!”
   “When do we want it?
   The activists also sang songs like the climate version of Bella Ciao.

   After 45 minutes the police started to arrest the peaceful activists. The police threatened with a water cannon, which has been used before at previous blockades, the police decided to not use it this time. Numerous activists also glued or cemented themselves onto the road to delay the arrests. Around a thousand activists got arrested after blocking the road for around 4 hours.
   This was the first A12 blockade since October 2023. In September of 2023 they blocked the highway everyday for almost a month. They decided to stop as a motion passed in the house of representatives that concluded that the government needed to make a plan on how to stop the fossil fuel subsidies. That plan hasn’t been presented yet after more than 4 months, which is the reason that they blocked the highway again.
   The protest was organized by Extinction Rebellion Netherlands and supported by numerous ngo’s like Fossil Free Netherlands.

In Solidarity, Finn Izarin

A London judge acquitted climate activist Greta Thunberg of a charge that she had refused to follow a police order to leave a protest last Friday. The Judge ruled the orders given were unclear, via AP News, Feb 2nd, 2024.

Get it yet? There is not a chance in hell that any neoliberal government is going to do this by 2030 - not the Tories, not Labour. And even if they tried, they would be forced by international capital to push the costs onto ordinary people, not the elites who are responsible for the disaster - creating a radical right backlash. And so the world will fly past 2C in the 2030s, creating massive climatic shocks, 100s of millions of refugees, and thus the collapse of the world trading system. And so the end of the neoliberal regime. Nothing lasts forever. The only question for any serious analyst is WHAT COMES NEXT: death cult fascism and total collapse, or a new civilization? This is the time we live in.

Roger Hallam, February 5th, 2024, via @RogerHallamCS21 on Twitter

The oceans are warming like crazy!! Let's look back at the past 365 days. Temperatures were 0.25°C higher than the previous (Super) strong El Niño, indicating a warming rate of 0.31°C/decade (SST only!!)! Don't let anyone downplay this, or the associated risks!

Leon Simons, via @LeonSimons8 on Twitter,  Feb 5, 2024

“I want to live in a future in which I don't have to ask myself every time I go to the supermarket what products I can buy without making the climate catastrophe worse. It cannot be that such decisions are passed on to us citizens. The government has a duty to create framework conditions here.” says Katharina (25, instrumental teacher) and refers to the measures taken by the Climate Council. “These committed citizens have suggested setting political incentives for climate-friendly nutrition: for example, seasonal, fresh and plant-based foods should become cheaper. There should also be an obligation to purchase crooked vegetables. Why hasn’t this already existed, Chancellor Nehammer?” asks the 25-year-old. The Citizens' Climate Council presented a catalog of 93 measures to the federal government in summer 2022. The implementation of this is still largely pending and is being demanded by the last generation.

via Letzte Generation Austria Press, Feb 5th, 2024

The Earth is not reflecting short-wave radiation into space the way it used to just a few years ago. This means a larger percentage of incoming solar is directly heating the planet, with the heat trapped by record GHGs. This is a huge f&%king problem for life on this planet. 

Eliot Jacobson, Twitter, Feb 3rd, 2024, via @EliotJacobson



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