Letzte Generation will meet every Saturday in BERLIN

Letzte Generation are holding a protest march every Saturday at 1:30 am at the Neptune Fountain(Alexanderplatz). They are asking any one who wants to take action to finally join them! The NLRebellion has been protesting for weeks at the Hague, and their civil resistance has worked. They have been protesting to stop the fossil fuel subsidies, and because of these protests, the House of Representatives will vote on Tuesday to end the subsidies. The whole country of Germany is watching and the Letzte Generation is there to support NLRebellion fight on the ground! Letzte Generation is calling for all to get infected with the passion of the Hague protest, and wants activists from Berlin to head to Netherlands and refuse to leave till the fossil fuel subsidies have ended! 


Today, at a protest in Lünen, Germany, Letzte Generation joined Stillburningnet, a group against hard coal infrastructure. They blocked the front of the Lünen power plant and a lock on the Datteln-Hamm Canal so that hard-coal ships wouldn't get through it, because hard coal is blood coal! For centuries the livelihoods of people in the mining region of the Global South have been destroyed due to Hard-Coal Mining by the Global North. Resistance efforts from groups like Stillburningnet can cost them their lives, not just their freedom! Stillburningnet is calling for the German Federal Government to take responsibility for the consequences of hard coal imports, and Letzte Generation joined to support them. The Global South already has a climate crisis, and every gram of coal burned would worsen conditions. Hard coal is also the most climate damaging energy source, and Indigenous delegate of Indigneous Yukpa people commented on the hard coal mining pollution, "I would like the German Chancellor to tell me what would happen if 40 German children died every year from respiratory disease due to coal dust in their lungs.." 



Letzte Generation was already provoked by XRNetherlands protest at the Hague, that once they heard the Stillburningnet was blocking a hard coal infrastructure in Germany they got even more triggered! They posted this photo and this post, "The irrationality of racism in German politics is forcing something on the people of the Global South that they would certainly NOT accept in their own territory."



The protests were aimed at the human rights violation caused by coal mining in Columbia. Activists like Narlis Guzman who were supported by Letzte Generation made calls to the German Federal Government to take responsibility for the social consequences of its hard coal imports. Stillburningnet had one of their German activist speakers explain why the German Federal Government and and fossil fuel industry should stop burning hard coal and take responsibility for its consequences, but where met with German police when they blocked the canal. The protesters were also demanding to abolish the police, not sure if this was because the power plant crew let water in the canal and forcing protesters to be stuck.







In Solidarity, Dash Dash



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