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Sep 01, 2023

Climate Protectors Walk onto Poor Mountain to Stop Work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline

The Climate and Water Protectors walked onto the worksite, and disrupted work for 3 hours. Anon3, "I'm gravely concerned that the United States is working to make natural gas, and fossil fuel infrastructure a permanent feature of the Int'l energy market. I'm worried this pipeline is the foremost signal of that commitment." He continues, "Today was tense, but anyone who studies direct action, and understands the risk involved, knows that this is one of the potential forms of escalation we face."

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Jul 17, 2023

Just Stop Oil Might Be Heroes Of Late Night in the UK

It all started with a few cheeky jokes in an early July episode of “The Last Leg,” a British late night comedy show which parodies the news. The Subject of a Just Stop Oil protest came up. In particular, the protest which included the disruption of Wimbledon, recently.