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Jul 09, 2024

Oracle 180

Roger Hallam, Leon Simons, Bill McKibben, William Shatner, Peter Kalmus. The world is on fire. Hear what leaders in the climate movement are saying, and doing, about the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

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Jun 10, 2024

Oracle 177

So if we just change the baseline from 1850 to 1970 we don't have to worry about +1.5C for another decade! Genius.

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Jun 06, 2024

Oracle 175

António Guterres ban fossil fuel ads, Roger Hallam, Peter Kalmus, Peter Dynes, Jeff Berardelli massive SST (sea surface temp) jump.

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Apr 27, 2024

oracle 173

Roger Hallam quotes, individualism is over. Peter Kalmus comments on Genocide. Eliot Jacobson posts a sobering graphic.

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Dec 19, 2023

Oracle 161

Roger Hallam - Revolution or Extinction, Peter Kalmus jail the real criminals, Leon Simons, why it's so F*cking Hot.

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Dec 13, 2023

oracle 157

Peter Kalmus on COP, Licypriya kicked out of COP 28, Peter Dynes on Global South temperatures rising.

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Dec 01, 2023

Oracle 150

Leon Simons on 1.5C, Peter Kalmus - this is not a real COP, Antonio Guterres, Firehose of Fossil Fuels. Andrea Dutton on the Extreme Polar Melting Period

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Nov 29, 2023

Oracle 149

Peter Kalmus quote, Louise Harris breaks #1 on UK iTunes singles, and 16 arrested as she sings outside Rishi Sunak during "Wide Awake" action. Eliot Jacobson, a chill in the air, 1.67 above pre-industrial.

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Nov 25, 2023

Oracle 146

Peter Kalmus Quote, Cop-Out 28 - What's In x What's Out? Eliot Jacobson, Hiroshimas are back! Corals, are they gone?

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Nov 02, 2023

Oracle 127

Peter Kalmus Undeniable Climate Science, Roger Hallam (or you're gonna fu*king die) and Leon Simons El Nino to become El Hombre