Day 4 of the #A12 Blockades in the Netherlands draws hundreds of more rebels to commit to jail sacrifice.

An outcrying of support has come from neighboring Extinction Rebellion chapters, along with a pinned tweet from Just Stop Oil.
   There’s been some edited video released for the first few days of protest, but media coming from the frontlines has been relatively limited today. A lot of the commotion has been around an angry motorist who attacked a press person, and was subsequently arrested. At press time we do not yet have numbers about the arrests, but we can say at least one busload of arrestees, perhaps more, again being taken to a local football stadium for processing and release.
   A shocking development is that dozens of kids arrested in the protests have apparently been registered with a government program called Veilig Thuis translation - “Safe at Home,” which is for domestic violence. This is upsetting both the workers at the institution, who do not feel this is appropriate, and especially the parents, who find this to be a form of intimidation by police and the state.

Children have a history of also being on the front lines of activism - such as with the Martin Luther King Children’s March. They have more to lose than anyone by a government continuing to subsidize 40 billion dollars a year in fossil fuels (37.5 billion euros). The Daily Rebellion stands in solidarity with those parents who feel intimidated, and the children.
The protest was now dispersed even quicker, in just an hour and a half. This is because police have begun to crack down with violence, and more efficiency. Unfortunately, this is totally inappropriate because it is a peaceful demonstration.

   Amnesty Int’l said this, “What is striking is that yesterday and today there was almost immediate action and there was little patience with the peaceful activists,” ... The water cannon appears to be firing with an increasingly louder jet.”
   There are now two videos circulating the internet with Dies Irae, the Mozart movement played by 180 piece orchestra on the first day of protest. It’s interesting to note that one includes police violence, and one does not. This might be to make sure that the video can be played in different countries - as protest content is frequently blocked by governments.



In Solidarity, Will Regan


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Four civil disobedience activists (including one rebel) blocked the road to the Burning Man festival. It generated hundreds of media stories.

Another rebel glued his feet to the floor of Arthur Ashe stadium and stopped a US Open semi-final game for 49 minutes. It generated thousands of media hits worldwide, inserted the topic of climate emergency where it is least seen - the sports pages.

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Will Regan


Will Regan has been a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion in the US and Declare Emergency. He's editor in chief for the Daily Rebellion and has been arrested 4 times since taking that role.